Raw Milk – Coming Soon!

Our raw milk is completely unprocessed and is some of the freshest, creamiest milk you will find!

As well as offering Pasterurised Milk in our vending machine, we are hoping to offer Raw Milk in the future!

What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk refers to milk that has not been treated with heat in order to be sterilised (pasteurisation) or had the fat droplets emulsified to stop the cream from separating (homogenisation).

Raw milk is what all milk used to be, before pasteurisation became standard practice. Most milk in the UK is heavily processed and can travel a long distance from the farm before it reaches supermarket shelves. By the time the milk has traveled to a processing plant then on to a distribution centre to finally reaching shops, it has clocked up a high number of Food Miles. Food Miles – Are what we refer to when testing the Environmental Impact of our foods.

Raw milk is a natural product, therefore it maintains the natural nutrition which is lost when heat treated. Some benefits include:

  • Helps with digestive issues and lactose intolerance as the high content of natural enzymes make raw milk easier to digest
  • It contains vital nutrients and vitamins which are destroyed in heat treating
  • Not only does Raw Milk contain raw protein, it also contains high amounts of calcium that is needed for adequate bone health and growth
  • Can help with asthma and allergies
  • Fantastic rich and creamy taste

Although there are many documented health benefits to the consumption of raw milk, there are also some risks. By law, we must include a health warning on the bottles of our raw milk.

The FSA advises that raw or unpasteurised milk and cream may contain harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning. People with a weaker immune system are particularly vulnerable to food poisoning and should not consume it. This includes:

  • Pregnant women
  • The elderly
  • Infants and small children
  • People with a compromised immune system.

You can access the FSA guidance on Raw Milk here

If you would be interested in a Raw Milk delivery, or would like to enquire about wholesale pricing for the catering industry then please contact us!

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