Pasteurised Milk

Beautifully creamy Jersey Milk, bottled and pasteurised right on our doorstep!

Our pasteurised milk, is milked from our Jersey girls with a mobile milking machine in our pastures. You can find out more about Jersey Milk by clicking here.

Our milk is bottled by hand less than a mile from our fields and then stocked in our Community Vending Machine at our local village hall as well as being available for local deliveries. Our bottles will be glass-only, helping lower our carbon footprint is key!

We will be offering Whole and Semi-Skimmed Milk as well as cream from our Jerseys. Our whole milk will have the traditional ‘Cream Line’ at the top of the bottle where the beautiful cream sits. This is particularly delicious stirred into your coffee! Or if you prefer, you can give the bottle a little shake to mix the cream back in.

Many brands of milk in the UK can travel a long distance from the farm before it reaches supermarket shelves. By the time the milk has traveled to a processing plant then on to a distribution centre to finally reaching shops, it has clocked up a high number of Food Miles. Food Miles – Are what we refer to when testing the Environmental Impact of our foods.

We want to go the extra mile so your Milk doesn’t have to, which is why we are proud to do our bit for the environment by using low-input farming methods and using the mobile milking approach.

Please do contact us if you would be interested in our Delivery Service!

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