Our Story

We are very much a ‘farming family’. Growing up with muddy boots, a home full of animals (big and small!) and a love for the countryside.

Mick ventured into Dairy Farming after serving nine years in the British Army. Starting out as an Assistant Herdsman he spent several years in the Channel Islands on the island of Jersey. He gradually worked his way up the ladder, gaining experience and skills to become a Dairy Herdsman. Throughout his 33-year dairy career, working on various farms across the country with herds of 120-500 cows, Mick has gained valuable skills in foot trimming, Artificial Insemination, conventional and organic herds as well as homeopathy.

After meeting Marina who herself was born into a farming life and a love for animals and rural living, they added their little boy Jack into their family. Jack has grown up in a world surrounded by cows and tractors! Helping his Dad with milking from a young age and being fully immersed in the slower pace of life of on a farm. Marina has also gained knowledge and experience in all things Dairy, particularly milking during her time at Mick’s side.

As Jack grew older, they moved to the Shropshire area a few years ago and quickly realised they had a passion and yearning to start up a Jersey Micro Dairy in their next journey of life! Bringing fresh Jersey Milk, to the local community through Milk Deliveries and a Vending Machine. They are very determined to use traditional low input farming methods as well as lowering the Carbon Footprint with their sustainable project.

The Just Jersey Family

The pictures below are from Mick’s time working on a farm in Jersey, where his love of Jersey Cows began!

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