Our Milk

Farm Fresh Milk from our herd of Jersey Cows!

The girls are milked twice a day using a mobile milking machine in the field where they graze and the milk is pasteurised using our mobile micro dairy before being stocked in our Vending Machine. This means we do not have to move our Jerseys to another location to milk them, this is less stress for them as well as preventing damage to their feet from walking on concrete.

Why choose Jersey Milk?

Milk from Jersey cows has a higher protein content and is naturally higher in nutrients and vitamins. On average, Jersey milk has 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than most other milks.

Jersey milk is even often better tolerated by those who are lactose intolerant because it mostly contains ‘A2’ protein which is easier on our digestive system.

With a reputation for being super creamy and flavoursome, Jersey Milk tastes amazing in ice cream, porridge, baking and is delicious stirred into a cup of coffee!

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