Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we get asked!

Our Cows

Q: How do you care for your cows?

A: Our cows are free ranging and grass fed in spring & summer and hay in winter. We also milk them in the pasture with a mobile milking machine, this saves the need to move them across roads and concrete which can damage their feet.

Q: Do you take calves away from their mother?

A: No, our approach is called ‘Calf At Foot’ meaning we keep baby with mum. This causes less stress on both and it is believed to lower the mortality rate.

Q: Are the cows tested for disease?

A: Our herd is tested regularly for TB (Bovine Tuberculosis)

Our Milk

Q: Where can I buy your milk?

A: Our Milk is available from our Vending Machine in the centre of Tenbury Wells

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