The girls have arrived!

We had a very exciting delivery… Our beautiful micro-herd of Jersey Cows arrived!

A little weary after a few hours of travelling but they soon perked up when they saw their new ‘digs’! After a little explore of the field they came up to the gate to greet us for snacks.

A week on and they have been milking like a dream! We have been using our mobile milking machine, which they have had to adjust to due to them coming from a larger pedigree herd. They have been used to being milked in a larger milking parlour, so this is slightly different for them! I expect they enjoy the slower pace and the quiet! The milk has been just amazing and they are such settled and happy cows.

They will enjoy as much time outside too eat the lovely grass whilst the weather allows before being brought into the barn for winter.

Our herd is starting with six and we hope to expand on this as well as increasing the herd through these girls calving. We are so excited to introduce you to Rosie, Coco, Fudge, Matilda, Molly and Shortbread!

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