Transforming an exhibition trailer into a mobile pasteurising unit!

One of the driving factors for creating our micro dairy is to show that small scale farming can be sustainable and environmentally conscious as well as being successful.

One way we want to achieve this is through leaving as little impact on the land as possible. We will be milking our cows out in the field with a mobile milking unit. This is not only less stress on the cows but it also means we won’t need to build a permanently fixed milking parlour.

We have also chosen to process, pasteurise and bottle our milk in a mobile unit rather than a fixed building. We have been searching for weeks for the perfect way to achieve this, from shipping containers on trailers to fast food trailers! Until we stumbled across this old exhibition trailer!

It needs a lot of work but we think it’s going to be perfect for what we need! It’s a great size and already has a sink area for cleaning, washing and bottling. There is plenty of room for our pasteuriser and cooling tank, as well as room to expand into other products. And the best part is it is mobile!

New specialist flooring, some plumbing and electrical work are first on the agenda. We are having to stick to strict recommendations from the Environmental Health Officer, to be as hygienic and as safe as possible.

Our pasteurising equipment is due to arrive in a few weeks time so it’s all hands on deck! We will keep you updated on our progress, pictures to follow!

The Just Jerseys Team

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