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Our Vision!

Just Jerseys Micro Dairy is small scale family farming of yesteryear. Using traditional low input farming methods as well as being Environmentally conscious, we strive to support the local community with our herd of 10+ Pedigree Jersey Cows.

Our herd are free ranging and will be grass fed in spring & summer and hay in winter. Helping lower our carbon footprint is key. Our girls will have ‘Calf at Foot’ meaning our calves stay with their mum, this causes less stress on mum and baby. This has also been found to reduce mortality rates as well as improving the health and immune systems of young calves.

The girls are milked twice a day using a Mobile Milking Machine in the field where they graze and pasteurised using our Mobile Micro Dairy.

We will be providing a delivery service offering both Raw Milk and Pasteurised Milk, as well as placing a Vending Machine conveniently situated at the local village hall for you to ‘drop’ by. The milk will be available in environmentally friendly glass bottles, you will pour your own milk into your bottle from the vending machine or even bring your own jug! We will also be providing Just Jerseys Milkshakes from our Moo-shake bar, available at the vending machine area.

We are very excited for this new adventure and we can’t wait to share it with our local community! If you have any questions then please do get in touch!

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